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January 11, 2019 Door Design

Repairing Interior Pocket Doors

Pocket doors interior is a great feature in the house. With limited space you could have a missing door to the wall. Need to close the door? Just slide back and you have privacy. This is a sliding and vanish feature that causes some special problems. In this article we will identify the problems you might face with a pocket door. Most problems can be fixed without too much trouble.

Can you fix pocket doors that have been off track? Do you need to replace the rollers? How can you get inside the wall to fix the problem? Can you lubricate the rollers? These are all questions you might ask. The following paragraphs will discuss it. Most problems with pocket doors will be related to the roller-hanger assembly. Rollers keep the door on the track, providing adjustments for door alignment and carrying door loads. There is no mystery then most of the improvements will involve doing something with this assembly.

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For pocket doors rigid and difficult to operate, lubrication may be the answer. Door rolls are moving parts with bearings that can be stiff. Lubrication can loosen it and save your back. A word of warning, this needs to be controlled lubrication. Do not go to the garage and get the oil pistol, you will regret it. Remember that this is the end of your house and the oil or oil that flows in the door will not be beautiful.

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