Repair a White Nightstand Inclined

Aug 22nd

White nightstand – Bedside tables sit next to the beds as a convenient place to keep the bedside lamps, glasses or even a vase of flowers. Some nightstands are inclined because of the side legs are shorter than the legs on the opposite side. Other tables inclined because the manufacturer uses wet wood when building the nightstand. As the wood dries, shrinks and can cause a nightstand lean to one side. Repairing a nightstand leans restores the balance of the white nightstand and provides a stable to show a collection object or keep your TV remote to slide to the ground instead.

White Nightstand Style
White Nightstand Style

Bedside tables with legs, Determine what night leg or legs is longer pressing down on the top of the white nightstand. The side of the white nightstand that is higher has the longest legs. Place 2 to 6 by 12 – inch long strips of sandpaper 120 grit on the floor align the distance between the strips to the distance between the legs are longer. Glue a section of a plastic sheet on the ground, the blade alignment with legs that do not require height adjustment.

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Set the edges of sandpaper to the floor with tape. Place the longer leg or legs at the top of the sandpaper and move vigorously night table legs back and forth over the sandpaper until the longest legs are the same height shorter legs. Place a level on top of the white nightstand frequently to determine when the party heights of the legs. If the bubble level is in the middle leg heights match.

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