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July 9, 2019 Concrete Countertops

Ideas for Concrete Bathroom Countertops

The concrete bathroom countertops are a material that is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. A half-finished concrete worktop, almost rough, in the bathroom. Add an old mirror and you will have a bathroom that is more than special. Discover the decorative power of antique mirrors. If the tendency to introduce different materials in the bathroom is booming, the concrete could not be left behind. Wood, tile, glass, marble and, of course, concrete on the countertop.

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Concrete bathroom countertops are a cold, distant material and usually finished in gray tones. That makes it special to achieve modern and minimalist environments. To add a touch of warmth that breaks such coldness, wood is the allied material. If you leave the bathroom practically entirely of concrete, it is not a bad idea either, because the veins of the concrete will create a rich texture on its surface.

Another advantage of concrete is that we can build the furniture or the countertop ourselves according to the size of the bathroom and our needs. It can actually you make with any material, but concrete is cheaper than wood or glass. So, we can adapt the furniture we need, whatever our bathroom. Metal is a perfect ally to combine it with concrete. If the industrial style is what we want, metal and concrete is the winning couple.

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