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June 10, 2019 Granite Countertops

Remake a Gray Granite Countertops

Gray granite countertops – Granite is a natural stone consisting of weak and strong particles. Some household cleans and acids found in foods can mark or remove the weakest particles in the surface. This is called etching, and it can make a once polished countertop seem dull or unclear. A combination of a granite shine reinforces or granite polish and a wash cloth can restore your counter’s shine and previously polished finish. For boring counters, a new application may be required within a few days

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Clean the surface of the disk well with a granite spray cleaner. Wipe any physical dirt or dirt from the gray granite countertops and buff dry with absorbent cotton. Pour some granite polish or a shine strength sealer on the counter. Starting to work, it circles over the counter with a damp washbasin. And  texture of a wet wash skin will help even surface the disk while the polish restore the shine of the stone.

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Ideas for remake gray granite countertops step one step back from the counter and allow the light to fall on it. If you see stripes. continue buff that the areas until stripes are gone. Also the entire counter has a uniform finish.

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