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January 15, 2019 Kitchen Ideas

How to Make Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Stainless steel Kitchen Island – They also have an elegant, modern look. With the right tools and some basic instructions, remodeling your kitchen island with a stainless steel sink can easily and cost-effectively be done on your own.


Cut a piece of hardwood, such as oak or maple, to the size of the bench’s bench. Use 3/4-inch thick hardwoods. Research and find a local manufacturer or supplier of stainless steel sheet. Buy a stainless steel kitchen island with no more than 14 gauge weight. Ask local manufacturers if they can cut the size you need or cut the plate on your own using a plasma cutter or circular saw with cutting blade. Cut or cut to fit surface piece of hardwood.

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Place stainless steel sheet on the surface of the piece of hardwood and secure it by clipping edges with a 7/8 inch metal edge list that has a lip and pre-drilled holes for nailing. You do not need to glue or get stuck in stainless steel to wood because the lip on the edge casting holds stainless steel sheet down and in place. Attach the list by placing the lip over the edge of stainless steel sheet and nailing on the side of hardwood. Mold all around. Attach your new stainless steel kitchen island stand or leg.

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Tips and warnings

Use proper safety wear and glasses when cutting metal. Watch out for sparks if using a circular saw.

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